Treetop Walk Bachledka


CHANGE IN SALES FROM 8/9 TO 8/11/2024!!!

During these dates, the Bachledka Ski & Sun resort area is exclusively for visitors of the Goral Folklore Festival.

More information in the section: Goral Folklore Festival

- by Martina Múdra


Treetop Walk Bachledka

The Treetop walk can be found in the heart of the majestic forests of the Bachledova Valley. There you can see the unique nature of the Belianske Tatras. You can explore local forests together with us. You will be immersed in the forest and learn about many animals and plants that can be found only in a few places of the world.

Opening hours

May – June 9AM – 5PM
July – August 9AM– 6PM
September  9AM– 5PM
October – April 9AM– 4PM

The last entry is always 1 hour before closing!

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Barrier-free access. The Treetop walk is completely barrier-free, either the other facilities. We do our best to allow to visit nature for everybody and enjoy the whole trip. Either the families with baby strollers or disabled persons with wheelchairs. Barrier-free access is available from the parking slot, following the cable car, visit in the Treetop walk attraction, restaurant Panorama with all the facilities and going back to the parking slot. 

The cable car from Jezersko serves exclusively for skiers and snowboarders!

Group option

  • Groups do not have to book entrance in advance, group discounts will be provided directly when purchasing tickets.
  • If you are interested in learning more about the local nature, take part in one of the educational programs prepared for you by the Pieniny National Park staff.
  • Further information about the options and prices at

Fun of the trail

Adrenaline corners

You can make stops at three adrenaline corners located along the trail. Children as well as adults can try to keep balance at the rift below which a seemingly dangerous precipice lies.
Don’t worry all attractions are completely safe.

Educational stops

You will find educational stops on the trail that will teach you about the local fauna and flora. Their design is very attractive with a peculiar sense of humour and there are also the pictures for little ones.

Spiral slide

A 67 m long dry spiral slide goes round the observation tower. It will shorten your journey down the trail and you will get an adrenaline rush.

Adrenaline net

A adrenaline net is located in the center of the panoramic terrace of the sightseeing tower. A down view of 32 meters is only for the more bold. The net has a high carrying capacity and passage through it is also safe for good guys.


On the top of the viewing tower you can find a special binocular. Thanks to it you can find out the names of the surrounding mountains, either their altitude. Come, discover and learn with us!

Playgroud for children

Before entering the area is natural playground of the Gorgy mascot.

How to get there

The treetop walk Bachledka is situated on the ridge of Spišská Magura.

For visitors with children, seniors, and those who are glad about to comfortable export, we offer cable car from Bachledova valley.

The whole center, including the popular attraction Treetop walk, has barrier-free access. We do our best to allow to visit nature for everybody and we are happy that anybody can come and enjoy the whole trip. The families with baby strollers either persons with wheelchairs. Barrier-free access has a 10-seats Cablecar, Treetop walk attraction and new restaurant PANORAMA with all the facilities. At the entrance of the treetop walk, you can rent a wheelchair or baby carriage for a refundable deposit.

The cable car from Jezersko serves exclusively for skiers and snowboarders in the winter season.

The path to the Treetop walk is visibly marked

How to reach us

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Barrier-free access

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What about the dogs

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32 meters

high observation tower offering a magnificent view and incomparable experience

1234 meters

the length of the Treetop trail and the tower

24 meters

the highest point of the tree top trail

6 stops

3 didactic and 3 fun stations and a number of the adrenaline stops. All attractions are, of course, absolutely safe.


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