For groups


The Bachledka Trail among the Trees gladly welcomes visitors from the nursery, elementary and secondary schools.

We offer you the best classroom in the trees. The kids can learn from first-hand experience, they will learn to perceive nature and understand it. They will find out the functions of the forest ecosystem and get to know many forest plants and animals. They will learn to distinguish between the various levels of the natural forest to recognize its specific features and to know what belongs there and lives there. They will gain some knowledge about the wood. They will learn how a tiny seed grows into a huge tree and how important it is to protect the forests and animals living there.

Teachers will be glad to find many information boards containing texts and pictures that are comprehensible also to the smallest kids. The trail staff is trained to help you with organization and other issues regarding your visit in the Bachledova valley. You will also find a restaurant there.


If there are more than 20 people in your group you can buy cheaper tickets. If you buy more than 20 tickets of the same type you will get a 10% discount and every tenth visitor goes FREE.
Groups do not have to book entrance in advance, group discount will be provided directly when purchasing tickets. Visit Informationcentre to buy a group ticket.