Info & FAQ

Important information

1. We have constructed for you a new cablecar leading from Bachledova dolina, thanks to which you can get to the Treetop walk comfortably and safely within 7 minutes. The walking trip from Bachledova dolina is possible only on your own responsibility and with the appropriate equipment (suitable shoes, suitable clothing, condition). It’s a moderately challenging hike through a 2.6 km long forest with an elevation of 300 m. From Malá Franková it’s a less challenging trip up the meadow, approx. 1.1 km long. From Jezersko you can take a natural trail around Lake Jezero – a moderately challenging hike. We do not recommend taking the trail on the slopes of Jezersko – it’s steep and extremely demanding.

2. The Treetop walk is in the mountains where the weather can change very quickly and it is windy quite often, too. Please, dress accordingly (hiking shoes and suitable clothing).

3. The cablecar is the best solution for parents with children as they can easily get to the Treetop walk with prams or baby carriages. If you do not have a pram with you, we can lend it to you or baby carriers either. Both for refundable deposit and at the entrance of Treetop walk or in the souvenir and sport shop in Bachledova valley, next to the cablecar and the tourit information centre.  Baby carrier is free for children up to 1 year, otherwise for a fee of 5 EUR.

4. The whole centre, including the popular attraction Treetop walk, has a barrier-free access. We do our best to allow to visit the nature for everybody and we are happy that anybody can come and enjoy the whole trip. The families with baby strollers either persons with wheelchairs. Barrier free access has a 10-seats Cablecar, Treetop walk attraction and new restaurant PANORAMA with all the facilities. At the entrance of the treetop walk, you can rent a wheelchair or baby carrriage for a refundable deposit. The cable car from Jezersko serves exclusively for skiers and snowboarders!

5. Tickets cannot be booked in advance or online, only directly at the resort Bachledka Ski & Sun or at the entrance gate of Treetop walk and can be paid by cash or credit card.

6. The last admission is always 1 hour before closing! To make sure you will get to the Treetop walk, we advise you to arrive sooner. and doublecheck the opening hours as they change during the year.

7. If you come with a dog, you can leave it in the dog stalls. They are based next to the entrance of Treetop walk. No animals are allowed to enter the Treetop trail (no dogs, cats, ferrets, etc.)! It´s the question of safety! The dog stalls are well cared, daily cleaned and with fresh water either.

8. The toboggan spiral slide is open during the whole year, in the winter either. It is suitable for adults and children over 120 cm. The entry price is 2 € and you can pay it only at the entrance of the attraction by cash or by credit card.


Tickets and payment options

Where and how to buy tickets? Tickets are purchased at the cash desks of the resort Bachledka Ski & Sun or right at the entrance of Treetops walk from 9AM. The sale of tickets ends 75 min. before the closing time. The last admission on the Treetop walk is always 1 hour before closing.

How can I pay in the resort? At the cash desk, in shops, restaurants and bistros you can pay with euro / € / or by credit cards. Payments in other currencies (PLN, HUF) are not accepted.

Can I buy tickets online? No. Tickets can be bought only at the cash desks in the resort Bachledka Ski Sun or at the entrance of Treetop walk.

We are a group, do we need to wait queue? No. Group tickets can a be purchased at the tourist information centre in Bachledova dolina where groups are handled first. Group tickets are also sold at the cash desk at the entrance to the Treetop walk.

Can tickets be booked for a specific date – day and hour? No,  booking in advance is not possible. Due to the number of visitors and the occupancy of the car parks, it would be difficult to guarantee that you will get to the treetops walk in time. But do not worry, tickets cannot be sold out. Tickets can be sold from 9AM.

Do you provide discounts for students, ISIC card holders, guests with booked accommodation, special card holders, disabled, or other discounts?
Price categories are divided by the various age groups. We provides discounts for children, seniors, disabled persons, families or groups. Disabled people with a disabled license (ZŤP-S) are entitled to a discount for themselves  (senior price ticket) and the accompanying person gets a free ticket. Discounts cannot be combined. Check the pricelist here.

You sell tickets on the Internet, why can’t you sent them by mail? Our e-shop sells only gift vouchers for your loved ones. We will send them printed by post. We do not sell tickets online.

Is there an ATM or an exchange office? There is no ATM or exchange office in the Bachledová Dolina valley at the moment. The nearest ATM is located in the village of Ždiar at the post office, only 5km away. In the future, we plan to install an ATM in Bachledová Dolina valley.

Trip with children

Is it possible to enter the Treetop walk with a baby stroller? The Treetop walk is accessible with a new cablecar from Bachledova dolina, whichwill easily transport you to the Treetop walk with prams. At the entrance of Treetopwalk we can lend you a pram for refundable deposit. The walking trip is not suitable for a pram, small children or persons with limited mobility, for them we recommend to use the comfy cablecar.

Where can I rent a stroller? Do you have them enough? Are they for free?
Prams/strollers/carriages can be rented free of charge at the entrance of Treetop walk. There are 5 high-quality prams (MOON) available. The number has, so far, proven to be sufficient. The pram can be rented at the cash desk for a refundable deposit of € 20.

Where can I rent a baby carrier? Are they for free? A baby carrier can be rented at the sportshop next to tourist information centre in Bachledova dolina. Baby carriers Ergobaby are suitable for children under 1 year and can be rented free of charge for a refundable deposit of 20 €. A tourist baby carrier suitable for older children can also be rented at a price of 5 € + refundable deposit of 20 €.

Is the Treetop walk suitable for a school trip? Yes, the Treetop walk is a good choice for a school trip with children of different ages. According to our experience, schoolchildren have no problem hiking up the forest path leading to the treetop walk. Children can look forward to playgrounds and other attractions nearby as well as educational tables and various games.

Is the treetop walk safe for children? Yes, all parts of the Treetop walk are safe for children all the time. All parts of the Treetops walk- railings, adrenaline barriers and other have a security metal net.

Seniors and disabled

Is the treetop walk barrier-free and disabled-friendly? The whole centre with all the facilities are completely barrier-free and suitable for people with limited mobility. Starting with 10-seats Cablecar, following the attraction Treetop walk and new restaurant PANORAMA with all the facilities, indoor and outdoor either.

As a disabled senior, am I entitled to a discount? Yes, there is a reduced-price ticket for seniors. There is no reduced-price ticket for disabled visitors (ZŤP-S) WITHOUT accompanying person.

We are a group of seniors, what discounts are we entitled to? As a group of over 15 people buying the same type of ticket, you are eligible for a group discount, that the price of cableway-ticket is 7 EUR and the price of entrance on the Treetop walk is 6 EUR. Complet ticket for group senior discount (return cablecar + Treetop walk) is 13€.


Is it necessary to report a group in advance? No, it is not. You do not have to queue if you are a group, you can skip the line and buy the group tickets at the tourist information centre and you will be handled first.

As a group, what discounts are we entitled to? As a group of over 15 people buying the same type of ticket, you are eligible for a group discount, that the price of Treetop walk-ticket for the adult is 7 EUR and the price of cablecar-ticket is 9 EUR for adult, the price of Treetop walk for children/seniors is 6 EUR and the price of cablewcar-ticket for children/seniors is 7 EUR.

We are a mixed group, for example 10 adults and 10 children. Are we entitled to a group discount? No, the group discount applies only to 15 people and more with the same type of the sold tickets. Or you can buy family ticket (2 parents + 1-2 children).

Do we really need a guide? You do not need a guide during your visit on the Treetop walk. You can manage it yourself. The interesting information about the local nature, trees, animals and so, you can be find on the educational boards placed all along the walk.

Is there a guide? How can we book her/ him? In the summer season the guided tours are held every Thursday and can be booked by phone at 052/449 81 01 or by mail at There are several educational programs led by PIENAP employees. In exceptional cases, PIENAP employees can guide tours on other days as well. The guided tours are only in slovak or polish language, notin english for the moment.

We will come by a bus, where can we stop? The bus can take you or on the bus stop Bachledova dolina rázc., than you need to walk aboit 1km to the centre or another bus stop is Bachledova Dolina, dom č.12. If you come with your own bus, then our employees will navigate you where to park your bus, there is a special park spot for buses.

We are an agency and take our clients to the Treetopwalk regularly, do we always have to pay for the entrance? No, tourist guides from the agencies may apply for a guide pass that entitle them to a free entry. The pass is issued at the Infocentre. You need to provide a photo and your company’s information.

Treetops walk and pets

Can my pet enter the treetops walk? No pets are allowed to enter the treetops walk, not even on a leash, in a carrier or a bag. There are special dog stalls waiting for your pets at the entrance of Treetop walk attraction where you can leave your pets without any worry (bowl with fresh water provided and daily cleaned). The dog stalls are available for free, keys are available for a refundable deposit of € 5 at the cash desk.


Where is the nearest car park? The nearest car park is right in resort Bachledka Ski & Sun with a capacity of 1000 parking places.

How far is the treetops walk from the car park in the Bachledova dolina?
From the car park in the Bachledova dolina runs a new cablecar Gondola Bachledka. The cablecar transports the visitors under 7 minutes. The walking trip from Bachledova dolina is 2,6 km along the forest path with an elevation of 300 m. The trip takes about 45 minutes – 1 hour. You better consider your hiking abilities.

Which car parks belong to Bachledka? Bachledka owns car parks P1 and P2 in Bachledova dolina, car park P3 Belské (about 1.5 km from Bachledova Dolina valley, on the left side of the road to Ždiar), car park P5 under the slope in Malá Franková and the car park P6 under the slope in the village of Jezersko.

How much is the parking fee? The parking fee at our car parks marked with our logo and serviced by our staff cost 3€. In the winter season is for free. Other private car parks in Ždiar cost from € 3 to € 6, and we cannot do anything with the prices and conditions of the other car parks.

How can we get to Bachledka by public transport? At the bus stop “Bachledova dolina rázcestie” (1.5 km to the Bachledka resort) stop buses from Tatranská Javorina, Tatranská Lomnica, Poprad and Kežmarok. If you arrive by train, get off at Poprad and take a bus to Ždiar. Check the timetable of public transport here. 

We were stopped by police and cannot get to Bachledova dolina, why?
If the car parks in Bachledova Dolina are full, all cars are diverted to other car parks. If the car park in the valley is not full, other cars are allowed to get to thecentre.

The up-to-date news

What is the weather like? To find out what the weather is like, you can have a look at the webcam or follow weather forecasts for Ždiar.

Are you open if it rains or snow? The Treetop walk is open in every weather unless in case of a rain or wind storm. In case of bad weather, however, you will probably not enjoy your walk to the fullest. Views from the Treetop walk will be limited and you will see only the trees in the mist. The access road for hikers becomes muddy in the rain, too, be sure you have the right shoes and clothes or use Cablecar.

Do we have a place to hide if it rains? The Treetop walk is an outdoor attraction, but you can easily and fast get to the new restaurant PANORAMA with many different facilities (restaurant, bar, coffeteria, souvenir shop, toilets, kid´s corner and more ).

How many people are in the resort, will we get to the Treetop walk?
The capacity of the Treetop walk is limited. Take into consideration possible problems with parking, the time you need to get to the Ttreetopwalk and buy tickets. Therefore, we recommend not to wait until the last minute and be in Ždiar 1.5 hours before the end of the opening hours. You never know how fast you park and how many people will be in the ticket queue. You can also check the situation through the webcams or contact us:

Tel: +421 52 44 98 101
Mob: +421 911 977 455

How long does it take to buy tickets? It depends on the number of tourists in the resort, the time you arrive, the day, the weather. Generally, most people come between 10AM and 3PM, when the waiting time can be longer. Weekends and holidays are naturally more busy either.



We deeply care about the quality of provided services  and your comfort. That’s why we are building infrastructure and places for new and high-quality services and facilities. The whole centre is barrier – free. But, any construction comes with limitations and inconvenience. The construction works affect the entire Bachledova dolina. We assure you that the construction works are necessary. Please, be patient. In the meantime, you can look forward to new services these construction works will bring!

Enjoy your walk on the Treetop walk.

The Treetop walk is closed according to the pandemic situation until further notice.